The Community Advisory Board (or CAB) was set up by Pride in London as an independent advisory and scrutiny body, made up of members of London’s LGBT+ community.

We help Pride in London meet their commitment to openness and transparency and advise on different issues to help Pride continue to be as inclusive and accountable as possible.

What we do

As representatives of London’s diverse LGBT+ community, we work together with Pride in London directors to help make Pride as inclusive as possible.

We offer advice and strutiny on sponsorships and finance, on complaints and issues arising within the community, and provide guidance on policies and procedures.

As an independent advisory board, we have no decision-making powers. We only advise, scrutinise and make recommendations in the interests of the wider LGBT+ community.

We meet on the fourth Saturday of every month.

The Board

Ozzy Amir

Chair / BME Representative

Ramses Underhill-Smith

Trans Peoples Representative

Elisha Foust

Womens Representative

Ade John

Local Groups Representative

Chris Barlow

Older Peoples Representative

Brit Clayton

Professional Groups Representative

Jacqueline Briggs

Families Representative

Daniel Lul

Disabled Peoples Representative

Graham Cook


Luke Dowding

Faith and Beliefs Group Representative

Lukasz Koniezcka

Young Peoples Representative

Eleanor Barnwell

Health Representative

Rich Watkins

Performing Arts Representative


Political and Campaigning Groups Representative

Bi Peoples Representative


Joining the board is straightforward.

Read this information pack on what we do in more detail, as well as the responsibilities and time commitments of being a member.

When you’re ready, click this link and fill out the application.

You’ll need an endorsement from a community group or organisation that focuses on the area you’d like to represent. More details about that are in the information pack.

When you’ve sent your application and we’ve received your endorsement, the board will vote and we will let you know the outcome as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions email: secretary@pridecab.org

Join the Community Advisory Board